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How To Set Up The Plugin

To Set Up (Bukkit needed):
Download plugin Put in plugins directory
Stop server (if on)
Start server Stop again
Open a folder that was just created, MCAdmin
Open the .yml file Change username and password to anything
Change the port to any port you want (make sure it is the same inside the app)
Change the dynmap-url to a url pointing to your map (or any url of your choice)
Save and close the config.yml file
Port forward your chosen port to your server
Start the server
If you like the app please give us a 5-star rating, as it helps us know that we are getting things right, also it helps us know to spend more time to make this app even better!
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- Speed, and visual enhancements

- Fixed grammatical problem.
- Added a refresh button to map tab (press menu key to view).
- Added edit function to server list.
9/15/2012 Server and App Updated.
- Restart function added.
- Give function with a beautiful UI for selecting blocks.
- You must update the serverside for some of the new features in the app to function.


Launching The App For The First Time

Awesome, you got this far! Using the app is super easy. To set up follow these simple steps and you'll have MCAdmin up and running in no time! 1) Launch app and select add server. 2) Fill out the information matching the config you set up. Remember the difference for a url in local / external IPs. 3) Click add to favorites. 4) Click on the new item that appeared on the main page and it will launch a connection to the server. If you have any problems, please contact us via the contact link at the top of the page, or by sending us an email at: [email protected]
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